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Preserve your precious photos forever by using my digitizing service. Digital photos can be easily shared among family members and used for future photo projects. When properly backed-up your memories are protected from all future damage and will last forever.

I will scan your photos to high resolution digital copies and  deliver them to you on a flash drive.

Photos sizes 8 x 10 or smaller:  $0.55/ photo
Oversized items (up to 12 x 16):  $0.95/ page
Slides and Negatives:  $0.75/ photo

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How do I know how many photos I have?
A 1 inch stack is about 100 photos

When do I pay?
There is no upfront cost. You pay to ship the photos to me. After I scan the photos you will receive an invoice for the digitized photos and to cover return shipping costs.

In what format will digital photos be delivered?
A flash drive is included with each project and with be mailed back with the digital photos. If you would like additional flash drives I charge the cost of the drive.

Do I need to organize my photos before I mail them?
That is up to you. No organization is required for me to scan the photos, but I do create digital folders to match the physical organization. If you have photos grouped in different years or events then the digital folders will follow that same organization.

Do you change any metadata or "date taken" attached to the photo?
I do not change any metadata but would be happy to teach you how on a digital consult. 

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